"The Most Dangerous Game"

Using story clues to make quality predictions as you read the text.

Using context clues (and your textbook) to define words and identify the parts of speech.

PowerPoint used during the reading of the story. Includes all the skills (Reading, Literary, and Writing Focus) and questions you need to know and use before, during, and after you read.

Identifying and understanding the way prefixes change the meaning of base and root words.

Analyzing how the author used vivid verbs in the story.

Tech Focus activity using the settings of the story, direct quotations, and student explanations to demonstrate understanding.

Rubric to use with the Tech Focus activity.

Foreshadowing Poster

Foreshadowing Poster - Use the story clue and prediction chart to help identify the author's use of foreshadowing in the stroy. Prove that the foreshadowed event has actually happened and explain it in your own words.

Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative - Notes and details about the process of writing a personal narrative.

Writing Process PowerPoint. Details about the steps to take when completing a formal writing assignment.

Peer Editing walk-through and explanation. Use this with the peer editing packet and questions.

Using audience, purpose, and tone in your own writing.

Explains the six traits of writing. This information will be used throughout the rest of this year and in tenth grade as well.